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  • What can we expect to see at this show?
    Not that. It’s not that kind of show. Damn girl, clean it up, your soon-to-be-mother-in-law will be there! But have no worries, we are a PG-21 male burlesque show featuring some of Nashville’s most talented and chiseled performers, located downtown in the heart of Music City. This is Nashville’s first and only malerevue. For approximately an hour, you will enjoy a fully choreographed entertainment experience with slamming music, and a full service bar. We’d like to think that you can bring your soon-to-be-mother-in-law and not have to worry!
  • How long is the show?
    The show itself is approximately an hour. You will be with us for an hour and a half as it takes time to get everyone seated before the show.
  • How early should we arrive at the venue?
    At least 30 minutes. Shows begin promptly so we can ensure our friendly staff can check IDs, scan tickets and get a drink in your hand before the show starts. EVERYONE MUST BE 21+ AND HAVE ID as per Tennessee State law. Additionally, if you are purchasing V.I.P tickets know that we try to let you arrive at an earlier time to order drinks and get seated prior to the show beginning.
  • Do you offer private dances?
    No. It is not that kind of show. Our dancers are PERFORMERS, not strippers.
  • Do we tip?
    No, not during the show. However, if you would like to tip the performers you may do so at the end of the show. Additionally, we highly recommend you take care of the servers and bartenders that take care of you.
  • Do you offer special treatment for the Bachelorette?
    No, due to time constraints and the multitude of bachelorettes at each show, it is impossible to offer preferential treatment
  • Can I get one of our girls on stage?
    No. It’s not that kind of show. Due to safety reasons, no one is allowed on stage.
  • Can we decorate our booth or table?
    Unfortunately, due to time constraints we don’t allow decorating tables.
  • What should I wear?
    Nashville is a come-as-you-are kind of town and we agree! We do not have a dress code but expect that everyone will keep it classy. We encourage matching outfits, tiaras, boas, crowns, etc. We do ask that you keep the phallic whistles, noisemakers and anything that illuminates back at the AirBnB. That includes you, soon-to-be-mother-in-law!
  • Is the show interactive?
    Our hashtag is #MusicCityMaleRevue. Use this for photos and posts on our page! We love to Retweet, Like and Share. You can also follow us on Instagram @MusicCityMaleRevue
  • What if we purchase our tickets separately?
    Not a problem! However, to make things easier for our staff we strongly appreciate that if your party is doing so that you include the name of your party, whom and/or what you are celebrating and an approximate number of people in your party. This is especially beneficial to you if you are purchasing V.I.P tickets as it makes it easier for our staff to plan out the seating in the most comfortable manner for all of the parties purchasing tables.
  • What if the show I am wanting to attend is sold out or there aren’t enough tickets for my party?
    Most of our shows are sold out about 2-4 weeks, if not earlier, than the shows date. It is far easier for us to add extra seats for parties who have already purchased. While we can not guarantee this, we work very hard to be able to accommodate you and ask that of possible notify us in advance about this and we can probably work something out. Additionally, if a show is sold out or not showing enough tickets, contact us as soon as possible and we can check our seating chart to see if we can add additional tickets for your party or place you on a waitlist in the event a different party cancels or reschedules.
  • What if the show is cancelled or rescheduled?
    While it is rare, there are occasions we may have to cancel a show or reschedule it to a different time. We guarantee that in the event we cancel, have to reschedule the show to a different time, or have a change of venue that prevents your party from attending for any reason, Music City Male Revue issue you a full refund. Also, please know, if and when this occurs we contact all of our guests as soon as possible as to not effect other plans for their trip and issue the refunds immediately.
  • What if we cancel or arrive late?
    If your group needs to cancel, please notify us at least a week prior to your reservation and we will provide a full refund. “No-shows” are not refunded, but we will do our best to find another show for your group. Doors close 5 MINUTES PRIOR TO SHOWTIME. To be fair to the rest of our patrons we DO NOT ALLOW LATE ARRIVAL/ENTRANCE.
  • Do we need to book in advance?
    We STRONGLY suggest that you book online at least one month before your scheduled trip.
  • How will we receive our tickets?
    We try our best to remain paperless as possible. There are two options for receiving tickets; email and text message. When you receive your tickets please double check the date and time. If there is an issue please call us at 615-613-5127 or email to
  • Where do we go and how do we contact MCMR?
    The Virgin Hotel Nashville 1 Music Square W Nashville, TN 37203 Music City Male Revue Phone: 615-961-3184 Email: #MusicCityMaleRevue
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